Can you wear them in the summer? Short answer: yes.

But here's the longer answer:

Growing up and living on the east coast, winters were brutal. Wearing thermals under your 'fit was a given. In California, being on the bike when temps drop 30 degrees at night – thermals come in handy.

I've always had an appreciation for thermal clothing, not just for function but for the texture too. In a couple days, we're dropping two styles of oversized thermal tops. Due to the weight of the material, this 18oz 100% cotton waffle knit thermal has some weight and structure. And if you've seen our IG lately, you've probably seen me wearing them around. That's because I wanted to see if we could create a thermal that could be layered but also serve as a piece you can wear all year round. 

Excel wearing the new short sleeve thermal shirt in tea stain, standing in front of a painted blue brick wall

Let's talk about treatment and color.

I've explored tea staining with sneaker midsoles, shoelaces, socks, motorcycle grips, etc. for a while now. Depending on the material and object being used, as well as the tea, tea staining can create these unique variations of highs and lows in color.

And because giving you the natural thermal as is wasn't good enough – I was determined to get a small batch of thermals stained and done to my liking. I spent the first few days testing the different teas and fabrics I had in the house. Once I got it dialed in, I put our 18oz thermals in the pot and let them cook.

It’s not a quick process by any means. I let them soak for roughly 12 hours. Then spent some hours letting them dry and a final rinse. A few I had to soak twice to get them where I wanted. Some thermals are just a tint of off-white with subtle highs and lows. Others have more prominent staining. No two are the same –  they're all unique.

It was definitely a learning experience but we're really pleased with them. The cut of the thermals are slightly cropped and boxy. Wearing them layered over a t-shirt or under our cut-off is how I like to wear them.

Each of the three colors we’re releasing were references from my favorite vintage colors in my closet including a varsity red and worn-in mustard yellow. 

The Short Sleeve Pocket Thermal and 3/4 Sleeve Thermal release on 6/22.

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