Flannel Season Is Here

On a fabric sourcing mission, we came across this unique Japanese flannel. The colors were unlike your typical flannel and the pattern wasn't the standard buffalo check we normally see. We grabbed a couple rolls and started to develop the cut for the shirt, which was based on a vintage red flannel I got as a gift. 

It was short, really boxy and broken in. We used that as the foundation for our first button down shirt. After getting the cut and fit dialed in, Frank and I sourced antique buttons, with the intent to use different styles of buttons and non-uniform colors. We created a special fade that highlights the original colors as well as the sun-faded tones.

Months later and several versions later, we've constructed one that's wearable, unique, and versatile. It's one that we love to wear and we had the hardest time holding on it until the weather broke.

The Mount Baldy Flannel will be available on Friday, November 18.