All-Time High is a feeling – when you’ve accomplished something against the odds and despite the obstacles. 

It’s about the journey. Each piece realizes a story, a process, place and time. Drawing inspiration from our personal vintage archives, we create unique pieces driven by experimentation and development, resulting in a collection of unparalleled garments that embody the look and feel of clothing that only get better over time.

We design for all individuals who prefer their clothing to have character and embody an unmistakable sense of authenticity. 

Our Story

Two Los Angeles creatives, Frank Barouti and David Alper (known professionally as EXCEL), started All-Time High by creating pieces that simply define the things they love. 

While EXCEL was working on his own brand, Frank had also been in business for several years developing bags and leather goods for motorcycle enthusiasts from LA to Tokyo. He approached EXCEL to create something together – a brand rooted in their individuality and shared love of streetwear, Americana, and craftsmanship.

Wanting versatile, oversized pieces combined with classic construction and modified fits, they worked directly with local dye and wash houses to make the brand look and feel personal – bringing love and attention to perfectly worn-in hoodies, military- and varsity-inspired designs, and elevated denim. 

Natural dyes. Hand fading and staining. Custom washes. Premium fabrics hand picked and sourced from the US and Japan. A reflection of thoughtful process and design, read more about All-Time High's debut collection on Hypebeast.